Insurance Claim Assistance

We specialise in insurance claims and are happy to assist in lodging your claim and negotiating with your insurer for the very best quality repair.

Talk to us first about your insurance approved repairs. We will work with you through every step and support you right through the process including.

A. Pre Service Crash Repair
B. During Service Crash Repair
C. After Service Crash  Repair

As the number 1 for Adelaide Panel Repairs our convenient location is perfect for Corporate and Fleet we provide express turnaround, removing complexity by negotiating with Brokers and sorting all aspects of the claim

North East Crash Repairs is proud of its history and involvement in the Adelaide crash repair industry. Never resting on our laurels, we strive for exceptional service and continuous improvement, preferring to be a standard setter, rather than follower.We realise that having an accident is nothing other than a pain in the rear end, from dealing with tow trucks at the scene of the accident, dealing with insurance companies throughout the claims process & then dealing with the nominated crash repairer.

We therefore take pride in using our knowledge, expertise & dedication to customer service and taking the hassle & headaches away from you.

  • We have tow trucks on call 24/7 to ensure you are not left concerned on the location of your vehicle.
  • We have trained professionals who are fully aware of the claims process for all major insurance companies these staff are there to assist with all claim related queries.
  • We provide the very best Adelaide Panel Repair shop through the application of great workmanship and the use of state of the art body alignment and dent removal equipment.

Leaving you feeling at ease whilst your vehicle is out of your hands.

We understand that your vehicle is a lot more than just another car - it is a extremely valuable investment to you. Our aim is to protect your investment by restoring it to its original specifications ensuring the value of your investment is optimal'.

'By incorporating the best technology available in motor vehicle repair, we'll have your car back on the road looking as good as the day you bought it.'

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